Kaseri Cheese P.D.O.

Contains fresh Greek pasteurized sheep's (min 80%) and goat's milk (max 20%).Contains fresh Greek pasteurized sheep's milk (min 80%) and goat's milk (max 20%), salt, rennet suitable for vegetarians and lactic culture.

Maximum humidity 45%. Minimum fat in dry matter 40%.

Keep refrigerated +2oC - +4oC for 18 months from production date.


Kaseri cheese P.D.O. is a very good source of calcium. It has a refined taste and rich aroma, due to its controlled maturation conditions. Use it in traditional Greek recipes, sandwiches, on toast or as a side dish. It is considered one of the best mezedes (snacks)
for ouzo.

Packaging Label
Nutrition Information
Per 28g serving Typical per 100g
Energy 106.12 kcal 1585.7Kj/379kcal
Total Fat 8.57g 30.60g
Fat Saturates 6.33g 22.60g
Protein 7.22g 25.80g
Carbohydrates 0.03g 0.10g
Fibre 0.00g 0.00g
Sugars 0.00g 0.00g
Salt 0.73g 2.60g


  • History +

    In 1890 Dimitrios Christakis, using the milk of the mountain region of Edessa in the Pella Prefecture... Read More
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    The heirs of the company paying sweat and hard work succeeded and created today, the famous... Read More
  • Factory +

    Our factory located in Proastio (Suburb) of Edessa, has modern automated line standardization and pasteurization... Read More
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Co. Responsibility

image Greek Cheese Products.
High Quality Dairy Products.
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image P.D.O. Certification.
Protected Designation of Origin.
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image International Distinctions.
World Cheece Awards.
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